The Mission – April 2018


The Mission Seminar with Tani Burton brings you five incredible weeks of destiny- and self-discovery, jam-packed with exercises, group breakouts, brainstorming intensives and personal work to help you flood your life with meaning and purpose, set powerful goals and build your legacy on Earth! Suitable for professionals and non-professionals alike. Register today!

At 9:00 am

IFS level I Training in English by Einat Bronstein and Osnat Arbel of Internal Family Systems Israel hosted in conjunction with The PATH Center. . Receive official level I certification. November 2017


The Internal Family Systems Model by Dr. Richard Schwartz integrates systems thinking with intra-psychic concepts and recognizes the multiplicity of the mind. It is non-pathologizing, respectful and strength based, trusting the wisdom of the client, and allows the client’s authentic Self to emerge. IFS is a unique form of therapy that is extremely effective and empowering, supported by a comprehensive theory, along with original concepts and specific methodology.

At 11:00 am

Sanford Landa – Trauma and its Relationship to Compulsive and Addictive Behaviour


Therapists are beginning to recognize the connection between trauma and addictive and compulsive behaviors such as alcohol and other drugs, pornography, eating addictions, eating disorders and etc. In this workshop, we’ll present an approach that works with trauma and addictive behaviors as survival techniques. Topics included are: Focusing on the interactive relationship between the trauma […]

The PATH Center, Jerusalem, Israel

NEW NOVEMBER WORKSHOP – INNATE HEALTH – limited places available!!


Introduction: The 3 Principles (sometimes known as Innate Health) is a psychological paradigm that explains how humans operate – that we are experiencing life, moment to moment, via thought, and not from what is happening around us.  In essence, our feelings or experiences are directly linked to our thoughts and not to what is happening […]

At 10:00 am
The PATH Center