Recent years have seen an abundance of excellent seminaries and yeshivas opening up here in EretzYisrael. Finding top-notch faculty and devising enriching programs is the seminary heads’ responsibility, however there are many other issues that affect the students during their year ‘away from home’ and are just as important to the long-term progress of these students. From life-insurance to personal safety, many principals and Roshei Yeshiva feel lost when trying to refer their student to someone they can really trust and is professional in their field.


The PATH Center

The PATH Center was launched by professional therapists to create a centralized training and clinical provider for the English speaking frum communities in Israel. Operating with the highest standards and professionalism, PATH oversees highly trained clinical interns and graduates under strict supervision.

PATH not only deals with more serious cl9nical cases, but also offers clients an opportunity to work on self-awareness and increased inner connection which is so essential in a world increasingly guided by social media, and decreased time for self-development. PATH offers the gift of helping participants to gain a greater understanding of their self and develop increased muscles and skills to deal with life’s pressures and challenges.

Our counselors are also carefully trained to deal with some of the more difficult and challenging mental health issues that our youth are struggling with. Some of these issues include relationships and shidduchim, anxiety and depression, self– esteem, management of life stress and more. These issues are sometimes more pronounced when these youth spend their time away from home, and have the ability to spend time and confront their background and childhood issues. Our counselors will be able to offer an opportunity for participants to find a safe, confidential place to work on issues of self-growth and also issues with increase challenge and difficulties.

Please contact the coordinator SarenaBenatar on 0543278986 or at