Advanced Training in Dealing with Intimacy
with Ta'ir Wasserman
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Course Background

Intimacy, sex, and sexuality; topics that affect everyone, but no one speaks about. These sensitive topics in the life of individuals and couples are rarely addressed. Human intimacy is the most personal and most hidden realm in society. You will be surprised that even the most experienced doctors, nurses, psychologists or psychiatrists shy away from broaching these topics. Yet, intimacy is diametric. Intimacy has the potential to give a person the most inner joy or the most intense pain .

Participants will receive a wealth of information regarding sexuality for  use in educating, guiding, reassuring, assessing, and referring clients on issues dealing with sex, sexuality, and intimacy.

The presentation and participation in discussion will give you an opportunity to get more comfortable discussing these subjects with other people. There will be distribution of presentation material for the next week at the end of every class. In the last sessions of the course, we will present real life cases which we will use to practice and roleplay, and see how to apply what we have learned.

In summary, this course aims to provide a rich learning experience that combines Jewish hashkafah and scientific knowledge regarding this most sensitive topic .

Course Requirements

1. Conscientious Attendance and Participation – The course will provide in-depth learning about yourself and you will receive buckets of information. To successfully complete this course, you will have to follow every step of the way. Self-development and practical learning are intertwined and inseparable. Therefore, if you missed a class, I ask you to catch up class online.

2. Journaling – Journaling will help you process your sexual awareness, a crucial part in being able to be comfortable dealing with sexuality in the therapy room. The journal is personal and will not be collected for my review (you can if you wish). The journal entries will be used as a tool in class, so please bring them along.

3. Presentation of the article / group discussion / roleplay – Everyone will be asked to participate in one of the opportunities to speak about sexual matters; presenting the article of the week, preparing and sharing a point of view in the group discussion following the presentation, or role playing as a client or therapist in our roleplay module where we will stage real life cases.