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advanced Clinical internship program

Therapy Office


There are a large number of Masters graduates that enter the workforce every year with diplomas, but are missing the skills necessary to work at an advanced level. In 2021, The PATH Center launched a unique program where participants can work in a warm and professional growing environment with a professional team that will take your professional skills to the next level. Participants can expect to work with  a caseload of 3-6 clients weekly; weekly individual supervision; peer-group supervision and case-meetings; advanced skills training in specific core areas; and clinic usage all in a professional and supportive environment.

Who Can Apply?

The program is open to successful graduates from Masters programs in the following fields: Clinical Psychology; Social Work; Marriage and family Therapy; Clinical Mental health Counseling.

Any other doctrines will be evaluated on an individual basis

Successful graduates will receive a certificate upon completion of the program and will have the opportunity to join our professional workshops throughout the year.

What Topics Will I Study?

The program has specific focuses on Marriage and family counseling. With this in mind, there are specific modules on advanced models in family therapy (Structural Family Therapy - Minuchin; IFS - Schwartz; Satir), as well as advanced modules in couples therapy using models structured on the Gottmann approach, and Imago (Hendrix).

The program combines these approaches to give participants a well-rounded education and strong therapeutic toolbox to use in the field. 

The program will also cover ethics, legal issues, and sexual issues in relationships.

What training components are included?

There are a few components to the program:

  • Weekly Individual Supervision

  • Weekly Group Supervision

  • 2.5 Weekly Advanced Education Hours 

  • 3-5 Weekly Client Contact Hours

When does the program start?

This program runs yearly. Intake is currently open for the upcoming group that starts in January 2023.

How much does the program cost?

The cost is 19,500 ILS per year. Please contact the office for the optional payment plans available

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