Expressive Arts Therapy
Kid's Art Supplies

This new and exciting 10 session program will be headed by Sarah Beth Solomont and will train participants in different modalities to help in their client’s therapeutic process.

In order to develop the capacity to maintain presence in a therapeutic relationship, we are required to continuously and honestly examine our inner landscape as a prerequisite to exploring someone else’s. Seemingly, this helps avoid confusing our own processes with our client’s.

With the expressive or creative therapies, we need to be aware of the parallel between the artistic and therapeutic processes as a basis for our collective professional identity.

A unique gift that the expressive therapies offer is a willingness to ask questions rather than give the answers; and to linger in uncertainty while the client’s imagination tells it’s vital story.

The primary aim of this course is to give you opportunities for exposure, exploration and experimentation in many expressive modalities, by understanding how your feeling relationship connects and is expressed through the creative process of you and your classmates. This is done with the belief that learning, healing and growth can occur within the realm of relationships and connectedness. Through the arts, we are able to make clearer the connecting thread between inner and outer.