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The PATH Center's mission is....

The PATH Center is a professionally-run training center for anyone involved or interested in the field of counseling and therapy. Launched by a unique and select group of experienced professionals, this vibrant initiative brings something exciting and fresh to the counseling field in Israel and abroad.

Answering to the needs of the professional community, PATH has assembled a unique team of individuals to successfully form a place that will truly offer the best educational & training experience possible.


Aside from longer multiple-year training programs and short advanced training courses, The PATH Center also regularly hosts internationally acclaimed lecturers for those already in the field who are interested in developing or enhancing their counselling skills in various specialized topics. 


D.U., Beit Shemesh, Israel

I got so much out of this program would definitely recommend to others

Mindy W., Melbourne, Australia

Doing this course was far more enriching than anything I would have found locally....

M.H., Israel

I am so grateful to the PATH Center - it enabled me to make a career change and have satisfaction on a daily basis

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