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Guiding Your Client To Recovery from Grief and Loss

with Aviva Keren Barnett

This live online interactive course will highlight what it is like to work with illness, loss and death in the therapeutic space.

Convenient Evening Online Classes @ 8:30-10:30 pm (Israel time)

The course will endeavour to explore the different dimensions of existence ( social, personal, physical and spiritual) and how death, loss, and illness affects each dimension and how we as therapists can work with it.

The course will leave you understanding the difference between a sudden loss and an anticipated loss.

You will leave the course understanding what different types of losses are, and how they impact the individual.

You will be put face to face with your own lives and leave the course energised and ready to embrace life!

Using role plays you will be the therapist, or client and get to use your practical skills of reflecting back, summarising, clarifying and working with silence.


About The Presenter:

Aviva Keren Barnett is an accredited existential psychotherapist, counsellor and international lecturer. Aviva trained in the UK at Guys and St Thomas's Palliative Care Department as well as other organisations. She holds a Master of Arts in Existential Psychotherapy and Counselling and works with her clients in her private practice through telephone, zoom, skype and face to face. She has 16 years of clinical experience and works with people struggling with anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation, abuse, trauma, low self worth, relationship issues, work related stress, and more. Although Aviva has a wide range of experience her speciality is working with people affected by illness and loss.

Week by week Outline:

Week 1 (30th April) - Introductions and how the course will be run

Guided imagery and writing exercise

Assumptions we make about loss

Week 2 (7th May) - Types of losses

Sudden loss - with case examples

Anticipated loss - with case examples

Role play - The Social Dimension of Existence and how family members grieve differently.

Week 3 (14th May) - Kubler Ross and Worden's tasks of grief and stages of grief

Role play - The Physical Dimension of Existence and how the body is affected through death, illness and loss


Week 4 (21st May) - Cultural and religious beliefs around loss, how to work with difference in the therapeutic space example of an African celebration of life.

Role play - The Spiritual Dimension of Existence and time. How the bereaved person may relate to time.


Week 5 (28th June) - The therapists own illness, experience of loss in therapy and the impact on the client. Example of when I had covid and how a client reacted.

Time limited therapy and loss versus open ended therapy and loss


Week 6 (4th June) - A Client's words: ( Who shared with me her experience of loss and closure of our therapy)

Death awareness - What can you change today in your own lives ?

Ending in therapy may be viewed as a loss ,

Conclusion with suggested reading lists.

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