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Are you ready to breathe JOY back into your life? Has the time come to stop everything ... and ... invest in yourself? Do you need a break from your intense therapy schedule?

Are you entering the therapy world, and worried about how this will impact you personal life?

Are you seeking a few days away in a place where you can focus on bringing your inner self back to life? If so, we will accompany you as you embark on a unique opportunity at this 3 day retreat designed with therapists in mind.

We welcome therapists who are seeking to gently revitalize their mind, body and spirit - of the past, in the present and for the future. Our therapeutic retreat will be guided through a combination of, Mindfulness, IFS Parts work, Yoga and Somatic Movement along with other beneficial therapeutic activities. 


 If you are in search of a truly inspiring and uplifting retreat experience this is just what you need! 

Watch this space for more details!

Therapist's Wellness Retreat
January , 2024

This retreat is designed for therapists that would like to rekindle the passion and empathy that they feel in their work, or beginner therapists looking to learn techniques and skills to prevent burnout in the future. The retreat days will indeed be healing, transformational, energizing, and a lot of fun! There will be plenty of laughter, some healthy tears, and we hope that you will feel a resurgence of the passion and care that you once had, and you will re-enter your work with renewed energy and empathy.

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